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There is no room for misinterpretation within excellence- no space for mistakes in high quality- and at John Halligan Architects, where the highly qualified team of experts work relentlessly to capture their clients’ visions- they believe that the key to getting things right in the architectural world, is communicating. Promoting a dedicated work ethic that relies on the trust built up between the firm and their clients- both new and old- John Halligan Architects succeed in breaking the mould when it comes to design and conservation.

Established in 1982, with the intention of supplying clients with a professional and highly competent service- the Mayo based firm has not only grown from strength to strength, it has diversified and developed into one of the country’s finest architectural and engineering service providers. As well as offering full consultancy on planning and conservation matters, to a wide range of clients requiring one-off homes to state bodies and diocesan boards- John Halligan Architects make time to sit down with each of their clients and detail their lists of dos and don’ts.


Proficient in the use of building information modelling (BIM) systems and equipped with the necessary skills to integrate this service fully into each of their clients’ briefs- the capable team achieve their clients’ dreams by imagining every possibility- everything that could go right and everything that could wrong- and by providing their clients with every tool that lies at their disposal. Leaving no stone unturned or query unanswered, the informed and reliable team have a long list of satisfied clients all over the country, and if there is ever a doubt or worry to ripple through their office, their Company Founder, John Halligan, is always there to lay his decades of knowledge out on the table.

“When John set up the company, he was already working part time for another firm,” company Architect, Maria Kelleher, explained. “He had to work both jobs to ensure the company’ future, and it was only after a few years of tough, dedicated work, that he was finally able quit and focus on his own business. When the recession hit, John knew it was time to diversify and that’s when the BIM consultancy was established- since then, we’ve never looked back or been in better form.”

Accredited with a Grade II in Conservation by the RIAI, Halligan spends most of his time rejuvenating churches and listed buildings, restoring them to their previous glory- but that is not before he drops by the office every day and checks in with his team. Overseeing large-scale projects and lending an ear to the smaller briefs, Halligan guarantees his involvement at every level, his expertise on every occasion and his support for every client and member of his team. With a team meeting every week, where each member describes their projects and their development- there isn’t a lot that John Halligan Architects can get wrong, and their long list of satisfied clients will be the proof of that.



“We have a weekly meeting to make sure everything is being seen to and supervised properly,” Maria described. “We are a collaborative office- we all have our own projects but we work together and share our opinions and experiences for our clients’ benefit. We also ensure that we are listening to everything that our clients’ say- they may have a certain way they want something done or to look, and we have to get that into the design- it’s the most important part of our job.”

Working with a wide range of clientele, John Halligan Architects have procured a list of contractors that they can depend on in any situation, such as Judge Bros Construction Ltd, who are situated in Mayo and have worked on several projects with the team at John Halligan Architects. These projects include an extension to the Fr. Peyton Memorial Centre, the construction of a private dwelling-house and the restoration of Ballina House, all based in Co. Mayo, and with each brief completed on time and on budget, both teams proved their ability to go above and beyond their clients’ expectations.

So before beginning your pursuit of the perfect home, business, healthcare centre or extension, take a look at the list of services offered by John Halligan Architects, including interior design, project management, project supervision design process, structural design and building information modelling- and if you have any doubts, just ask the long que of happy clients, waiting to spread the name John Halligan Architects throughout the country.


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