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“My interest lies in sculpting space for its functional,
sensory value rather than monetary value.”

– Anne Mahon

Living in Ireland can often leave us stuck inside our homes, wishing the rain to go away. And when the sun comes out, it can have us wishing the walls away too. RIAI registered Architect, Anne Mahon, has both the vision and the skill necessary to integrate our beautiful landscape with intricately designed one-off homes, extensions, refurbishments or educational properties. By diffusing the lines between inside and out, opening up each project to the light and insulating beyond regulatory standards- Anne Mahon develops dynamic and organic spaces that embrace and enhance her clients’ lives.

Dedicated to design, Anne set up her own practice in 2000 and began to work on a large educational project- a project that took 10 years to complete- and a handful of smaller residential projects. These unique residential briefs then became the foundation for Anne’s reputable name as word spread of her work- known for its detail and dedication- and she received more and more business as this information reached more and more prospective clients. The results have solidified Anne as one of the country’s leading architects and a forerunner in residential and educational rejuvenation.



“I don’t take developer projects as my interest lies in sculpting space for its functional, sensory value rather than monetary value,” Architect, Anne Mahon, explained.

“Essentially, I wanted to establish a design-led practice, with a focus on creating bright, airy, functional spaces. Sky plays an important role in all aspect of my designs too- whether residential or educational, I tend to raise the heads of windows and doors to gain maximum exposure to the sky, while specifying large format fixed roof lights for flat roofs and where pitched roofs are being used, I specify banked roof lights to open up vaulted ceilings. By incorporating triple glazing and insulating to beyond Building Regulation requirements, these open spaces are neither too cold nor too hot, and almost never require blinds or curtains.”


And it this way of thinking that allows Anne’s architectural work to flourish. With her designs evolving due to the commitment that she gives her clients, the finished product that she hands over on time and within budget, is environmentally crafted to embellish her clients’ lives, while also capable of ensuring that its purpose is not only achieved, but enhanced. Guaranteed to supply excellence, with the highest quality of standards, Anne Mahon is an architect who tries to build on what her clients want, pull out something special and then develop it to its full potential.

“I generally create an open plan scenario where the Kitchen is off to one side and the seating & dining areas are aligned with outdoor space for light and view,” Anne discussed. “My motto is spend 1 hour cooking and then spend 3 dining where there is daylight, land and sky. The result is a more sociable layout where one can entertain whilst cooking and at the same time and because the Kitchen area is not central to the open plan, the culinary mess is not on view to guests. It is my belief that no matter what the budget, orientation, aspect or location, there is something to build on in terms of design for every project.”


In her experience, prospective clients are becoming more aware of design and sustainability, and Anne understands the importance of giving them what they want– that’s why her work is continually developing. With clients striving to imagine their homes in new and exciting ways, Anne is there to take what they want, and what they need, and combine it for their benefit into a unique display of their surroundings and their interests.

“The first 25-28 hours of a project is spent on design,” Anne revealed. “I use 3d drawings to explore the site and to ensure the client is aware of what the design intent is and that is prior to lodging a Planning Application or preparing Tender drawings and documents. This way the Client is aware of what the final outcome shall be. It is not unusual for Clients to have their own ideas. If they are good ideas, I shape them to make them happen. If they are bad ideas, I spend hours on drawings to prove to the client that the idea needs to be dropped. Essentially my role as an Architect, is to provide what the client needs and not necessarily what the client thinks they want.”

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