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We do not rush projects, good ideas evolve
— they don’t just happen.

– Fergus Flanagan, Company Founder

THE SIMPLER THE MOTO, the more sophisticated the design- so why complicate things? Why not try something a little different- something that defines the box, rather than residing in it- and experience a whole new way of living? These are the possibilities at Fergus Flanagan Architects Ltd.- a firm that is driven by individuality and innovation. Dedicated to administering technical advancements, quality and best practice to each new project, the design team at Fergus Flanagan Architects Ltd. have the ability and the imagination to make a whole new world come true.

Leading architect, Fergus Flanagan- who puts his name to the practice and everything that comes out through its doors, to guarantee excellence– qualified from the University of Portsmouth, England, with an honours degree in Architecture. Now a Member of the Royal Institute of Architects Ireland, with over 14 years’ experience working in the Architectural field, not only Ireland but in Germany, Switzerland and the UK- Fergus attributes his success to his experiences and the vast variety between them all.


“We don’t want to get any bigger and lose touch — we want to do bigger designs and better stuff”

– Robert Cullen, Senior Associate


Understanding how to incorporate this into the firm’s portfolio and their prospective clients’ briefs, has led Fergus Flanagan Architects Ltd. towards success- where they have set a new design standard within Ireland. “I never know what a building will look like at the start of a project,” Company Founder, Fergus Flanagan revealed.

“I start with a blank sheet every time- this way you do not rule out innovation. Every client is different, every site is different, every project has different challenges and budgets- it is in this way that every building construction should be different. We do not rush projects, good ideas evolve — they don’t just happen. We don’t set a time limit on any of our projects unless our client has one. It is ready when our client is happy and we feel that we have achieved the high bench mark that we set ourselves.”

Fergus’ team feel exactly the same. Anthony Burke- who joined Fergus Flanagan Architects Ltd. in 2009, after graduating from the Waterford Institute of Technology– has extensive experience working on a diverse range of domestic houses, extensions, commercial, leisure, educational and retail fit-outs. He is senior member of the design team and ensures to deliver building projects on time and above expectation. He also has knowledge and experience in Fire Safety and Disability access certificates. He recently completed a FETAC Building Energy Rating Assessment Course.

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Robert Cullen is another senior member of the Fergus Flanagan Architects Ltd.’s design team. His main responsibilities are to manage overall projects from design through to construction stages, including the management of documentation and the co-ordination of design teams. He has experience on a range of projects from complex modern domestic houses and extensions to commercial, leisure, educational, office fit out and refurbishments. He has extensive knowledge of building construction and particular experience in sustainable building technologies.

As a Certified Passive House Designer and a registered BER assessor, Robert has the ability to ensure efficiency and sustainability. “It’s quite simple in terms of what we are- it’s all about doing things a little differently,” Senior Associate, Robert Cullen explained.  “We don’t want to get any bigger and lose touch — we want to do bigger designs and better stuff. We’ve been focusing on keeping the doors open for the past few years. Now we are thinking about the future, our clients’ futures and the possibilities- something the economy hasn’t allowed since the recession.”

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