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Recommendations without hesitation, is what Rathcorbally Construction Ltd. get after decades in the construction sector providing the highest quality of work and overcoming any challenge that comes that their way. Based in Mullingar, Co. West Meath- the team have worked with architects and engineers from all over the country and have dedicated their time and effort to committing to the best practice of work. Boasting a long-list of successfully completed briefs, ranging from small renovations to multi-million euro infrastructures, Rathcorbally Construction Ltd. believe that it is not the size of a project that matters, but the amount of work that they put into each one, that seals the deal.

Led by Seamus Greene, who grew up on construction sites and helping his father “do little jobs around the house”- the professional and reliable team at Rathcorbally Contruction Ltd. focus on delivering a service that is tailored to each client’s specific needs, while incorporating the latest safety regulations and energy savings. Never short on ideas to benefit their clients best interests- the team take part in continual work assessments and developments, which guarantees that the growth of their skill set is ongoing, competitive and a leading factor in their success. Their drive to satisfy their clients, is what keeps them coming back.

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“It was just myself when I set up Rathcorbally Construction Ltd.” Company Founder, Seamus Greene explained. “My father was always building things and I was always helping him. It came naturally to me to set up the company- it’s in the blood, you could say. I’m very hands on. If you ring, you get me- that’s the end of the story. I follow up every lead immediately and ensure that the best men are on the job. In some
companies you can’t reach the directors, with Rathocorbally Construction Ltd. every client gets the benefit of every year we’ve spent in the trade- it’s what sets us apart.”

Trusting his employees and sub-contractors for many years now, Seamus and his team have completed numerous projects, including private, residential, commercial and industrial work. The services they offer- such as building contracts, fit-out contracts, project management, site assessments, feasibility studies and building cost estimates- can be adjusted to fit whatever problem a client has and used to construct a fitting future for each one.


“Our aim over the last few years has been to double our turn over and we have achieved that,” Seamus described. “Now, we want to increase the business a bit more but hold onto the ability that we still have to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients. We enjoy being involved in the work we do and watching it progress- we don’t want to get too big and begin to miss the point of what we do- which is client satisfaction. It is self-explanatory really- we finish on time and on budget, offer value and quality, and dependability- that’s why we get recommended without hesitation.”

Currently working on a several projects and planning their next briefs- Rathcorbally Construction Ltd. have one final thing that makes them unique and that’s their “can-do” attitude. Un-phased by the day-to-day issues that arise on site or in the office- the team continue to progress with a positivity that effects not only their clients and the engineers and the architects that they work with- but that inspires each other and compels them to do the best that they can do. Described by architect, Patrick Weafer, as “co-operative, attentive and pro-active in problem solving when the need arose”- Rathcorbally Construction Ltd. prove that it can be easy to break the mould.

Rathcorbally Construction
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