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60 years’ experience in the construction industry doesn’t come easy- it comes with hard work and grit, and takes perseverance, dedication and the continual development of skillset and vision to stay on top of modern demands and dimensions. Sugrue Builders Ltd. know this better than most. They understand the ever-changing building rules and regulations- that diversity and commitment are the leading factors for success in the sector these days- and that there is no better way to give their clients what they want, than by listening. Sugrue Builders Ltd. know how to go the full design distance, when it comes to one-off builds, extensions and refurbishments.

Established over 4 decades ago- with the intention of supplying their clients with the best quality, practice and value- Sugrue Builders Ltd. have used their stringent work ethic and philosophy to build an impenetrable rapport with many leading architects and subcontractors within Co. Dublin. Operating from an office in Portmarnock- where their reliable and ready team of professionals meet regularly to share their expertise- Sugrue Builders Ltd. have changed the face of family embraced business.


“It’s a family company,” Company Director, Comrac Sugrue explained. “My father set it up nearly 40 years ago, and since then, the family and the team that we work with have maintained the name’s great reputation. We are continually developing and listening to what are clients want and need, as that changes with the years. The main goal is still the same though- keep the standards high and the clients satisfied.”

Offering a wide range of services for your residential and commercial needs- Sugrue Builders Ltd. associate their expansion with their transparent and effective work process. By communicating with each other frequently and trusting in the honed and varied abilities of each team member- stretching from project manager to quantity surveyor- the firm drives each project over the line in a cost effective and professional manner. Their seasoned advice is there for the taking too- as they not only eliminate the burden of building, they take on the responsibility of erecting a future.


“Things generally run smoothly on site,” Cormac said. “Every project has its ups and downs- problems always have a way of arising- but it is how you deal with them that makes the difference. Everybody wants things done with the wave of a magic wand- I prefer to take my time, to be realistic and do what is best. Every job is different- some run over time; some run under time, and people say that it’s down to the builders- but that’s not the case. Anything can happen out there on site- it’s about finding the right construction company; the company that knows what to do when things go wrong.”

Just take a look at Sugrue Builders Ltd.’s portfolio, or their long-list of repeat clients- the work that they have provided over the years, has not only excelled in complexity and matured in method- but has grown to tailor itself around their clients’ best interests. Their history of working with Dublin City County Council has ingrained them with an in-depth knowledge of Dublin’s building codes- so that they greet each prospective project with a wealth of information behind them.

“We have a great way of working together and with the network that we have established,” Cormac explained. “We want to keep it that way– keep the clients happy. They are our best assets– without them, I don’t know where we would be.”

Sugrue Builders Limited
Portmarnock, Co.Dublin
Tel: 01 846 3554
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